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Nshioka-Kawamura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is located in district of Fukuiken.
Fukui Prefecture is famous as the area to brew a delicious Japanese Sake. in Japan.

Since 1869

Our brewry is in Fukui-prefecture is the nature of the locality blessed with very rich natural environment, and is located in the valley which separated the mountain from about 13km and the quasi-national park Echizen seashore toward the Sea of Japan from Fukui-shi. since brewry is in the place of production of rice, and Shimizu-cho known in addition, only the good rice from local can be used in plenty The delicious groundwater with which melted snow flows in slowly over many hours is pumped up from 15m below ground, and is used for the water used for preparation. Please enjoy our sake.

Good Rice

Fukui is famous for delicious rice.
What variety of rice is used to make sake?
Japanese rice can be roughly classified into two varieties. The first, the ordinary table rice commonly used foe eating, encompasses a number of sub-varieties, depending on the manner of cultivation and the region in which it is grown. The second variety, Sakamai, is used exclusively for sake production.Ordinary table rice can also be used to make sake, but, in general, sake made from Sakamai has a higher reputation for quality. Sakamai not only features larger, softer grains than ordinary table rice, but it's also more expensive, since it grows only in certain areas and requires more complex cultivation techniques.

Good Water

Fukui is famous for delicious water.
Is the quality of the water used to make sake important?
Yes, the water quality is extremely important, because the mineral content of the water affects the taste of sake. Semi-hard water is most suitable for sake production due to its lower iron and manganese content. Japan has a large amount of precipitation (approximately 1,500 mm/year) and ample high-quality ground water throughout the country .As a result, excellent sake can be produced in nearly every region.


The name of Amatsu-shinriki is the name of rice. It was brewed revived grow rice are grown in about 100 years ago. It is a drink that can be enjoyed the rice taste
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Japanese Sake Amatsu-Shinriki
Japanese Sake Amatsu-Shinriki1


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